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AEC 35, AEC 50, AEC 70, AEC 85, hot water air heaters

Our AEC 35, AEC 50, AEC 70 and AEC 85 are heating devices designed for brooder houses.

The AEC 35, AEC 50, AEC 70 and AEC 85 hot water air heaters come in a range of power ratings, feature a polypropylene shall, a hot water coil and a fan.

Polypropylene shell

Surface-treated or plain hot water coil

Available power ratings: 35, 50, 70 and 85KW


Built-in electrical switch box


Optional EPD coating on hot water coil


Removable shell for easy access to the hot water coil when cleaning


Installs in a wall recess, on a swivel wall bracket or suspended in horizontal blower configuration