SOL’AIR with thermostat, gas brooder for young birds.

The SOL’AIR brooder with thermostat is a localised heating system featuring thermostat control to maintain the ideal temperature.


The SOL’AIR brooder with thermostat is a standalone heating regulator that provides optimum temperature conditions inside birds and piglet enclosures.

The new improvement of our product permit to obtain a new livestock brooder with thermostat if you add accessories :
– Thermostatic faucet : to control temperature selecting a number in the thermostatic vanes
– Stainless steel filter that preserve the brooder cleanliness

Anodised aluminium reflector

High-temperature stainless steel burner for excellent heat distribution and repartition


Features a safety screen on the burner to prevent any incandescent particles from falling onto the litter


Operates as a standalone unit thanks to its thermostatic head and temperature sensor


Vertical gas and air intake prevents premature dirt build-up


European certification + European and US patents