SOL’AIR, gas brooder for  livestock

The SOL’AIR brooder is a localised radiant heating system used to maintain a comfortable temperature juvenile livestock need for optimum growth.

The SOL’AIR brooder is a localised  heating system that provides optimum temperature conditions inside chicken and piglet enclosures.

In September 2017, we have improved the livestock brooder SOL’AIR :
– Silicone cap on the security block to avoid dust and water
– Nickel-plated thermocouple with overheating thermostat
– Aluminum and unbending parable

The option with thermostatic faucet permit to control the temperature selecting a number in the thermostatic vanes.

Anodised aluminium reflector

High-temperature stainless steel conical burner for excellent heat distribution and repartition


Features a safety screen on the burner to prevent any incandescent particles from falling onto the litter


240,000 radiant heaters sold across the globe


Vertical gas and air intake prevents premature dirt build-up


European certification + European and US patents